Breathing patterns



Be aware of use of Breathing patterns

Even if you are not fully aware of it, your breathing patterns play an important role in controlling and regulating your Performance during exam.

Breathing pattern is different when you are relaxed and calm than you are tense, anxious or negative;

Short, jerky, with irregular breaths, show high negative arousal.

Maintaining balance between excitement and relaxation is directly related to your skill in controlling your breathing patterns.

To learn to this control you have to increase your awareness of how to breathe when you are performing well; and if you are like most of students, when you are relaxed and performing well, your breathing is deep, free and rhythmic…

Compare your breathing in an exam …

And you’ll see if you need to change…

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A unique culture A worldwide Sports top level experience combined with a corporate experience. With the profound conviction in « accompanying an athlete, is helping him to manage himself alone »
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