Coaching and training individuals or teams


  • « Balance Life » Coaching and  Coaching « Corporate Athlete »
    better withstand the daily pressures and stress-create the conditions for lasting performance.
  • « Tandem coaching »
    Accompanying Autonomy Relationship – working in pairs (2 persons professional relationship). Adjustment maturity levels between the two personalities and different operating modes of the 2 parties.
  • « Athlete Fit coaching »
    after a corporate coaching program – to take action – coaching Stimulation: custom accompaniment focused on physical activity and fitness.


In collaboration with Enaction

You are convinced that the development of the individual is at the heart of business success … You want to strengthen the trust and the collective intelligence of your teams.

Enaction helps your managers to develop their balance, assertiveness, taking the height, to create cooperation links between them and promote sustainable management mode service of their team.

Enaction develops and implements customized programs combining training, coaching and team building, and using the analogy sport / business.

We are focused on the balance and the overall coherence of the person in the service of durable performance.

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