SPORT (English)

Coaching and supervision for individuals or teams

Mission: Serve the individual, team or club, with a personalized program in its general project development and with a view to building medium and long-term goals.

Individual support: individualized regular training helping to develop the potential of the athlete. It aims to remove blockages and inform the athlete of his main points to improve, as well as its mechanisms of resistance, … this is done by progressively promoting the initiative to act positively.

Support team – supervision

  • Establish knowledge of intelligence situation.
  • Help solve operational problems with group work.
  • Create time regulations, sharing of representations of conflict resolution.
  • Create a place of relationship that allows each mirror to receive the effects of his thoughts and behaviors.
  • Provide training inputs axes collective / individual sport.
  • Understanding the mechanism of team dynamics (building common goals, vision, setting the rules of operation, confidence building – clarification of individual roles, personal involvement)

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