Championnats d’Europe de complet juniors et jeunes cavaliers à Maarsbergen (NL)

Suivez les équipes de France de complet avec Victor Levecque

et avec le site de l’épreuve

Approximately 150 combinations from 18 European countries.

All riders, Young Riders & Juniors, are between 14 and 21 years old. They are the Olympic champions of the future.

 Equipe for startlists, results, online and realtime scoring for presentation on mobile devices and screens as well as the integration in the livestream.
For Equipe: , select FEI Eventing European Championship 2019 Young Riders @ Juniors.


Wednesday July 10th (free entry)
11h: Horse Inspection
19h: Opening Ceremony

Thursday July 11th (free entry)
10-17h: Dressage

Friday July 12th (free entry)
10-17h: Dressage

Saturday July 13th (tickets)
10-17h: Cross country (Juniors – Young Riders)

Sunday July 14th

08h: Horse inspection
11h: Show Jumping Juniors
13.30h: Prize giving Juniors

14h: Show Jumping Young Riders
16.30h: Prize giving Young Riders

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