Selection for France to participate to the next World Team Senior championship

Selected for France to participate to the World Team Senior championship 2013 in Antalya -Turkey, in March. visit

Same team as last year -when we won won in San Diego with Arnaud Deleval, Philippe Kahlouche, Alain Dalmasso and Jacques Hervet.

Fred Perry Cup (M50) –

 France – winner 2012

from left to right, Alain Dalmasso, Arnaud Deleval, Jacques Hervet, and Philippe Kahlouche

Alain DalmassoArnaud Deleval,jacques Hervet

Philippe Kahlouche

Information on Fred Perry Cup M50

The Fred Perry Cup is for the men’s 50 age category. It was donated by Fred Perry Sportswear (UK) Limited in 1991, with the inaugural event being held in Bournemouth, England.

Fred Perry remains the man against whom all British tennis achievements are judged, as he was the last Briton to win the men’s singles championship at Wimbledon. He was crowned champion in 1934, 1935 and 1936.

He also won the men’s singles title three times at the US Championship, and once each at the French and Australian Championships.

Perry won 45 of the 52 Davis Cup rubbers he contested and played in the winning GB teams of 1933, 1934, 1935 and 1936, which was the last British victory in the competition.

In 2012, the Fred Perry Cup was contested on 6-11 February in San Diego, USA.  Fifth seeds France were the surprise winners, beating top seeds and defending champions USA in the final.  The French team was made up of Arnaud Deleval, Philippe Kahlouche, Alain Dalmasso and Jacques Hervet.


– Winner: France
– Runner-up: USA

– Cancelled

– Winner: USA
– Runner-up: Australia

– Winner: USA
– Runner-up: Germany

– Winner: Germany
– Runner-up: Spain

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