Mental process… Training to make it easier down the stretch under pressure

Nick Watney…

Who is he?

Professional golf player.

Just won the WGC Cadillac championship in Doral – Florida.

29 years old, and Nick already showed that he was capable of taking on the elite the last

few years …but often failed, at the critical moments…like last year at the USPGA championship …three shot lead into the final round, bit blew up with a terrible last round…

Going through this last day… How did he manage to forget about the let down and the disappointment of the way he performed that day?

First of all, Nick Watney, coached by Butch Harmon, former Tiger Wood’s swing guru, said that these final round failures came into his mind the later stage of his win this last Sunday.

Because there is nothing can you do. It is popping into your mind. No blockage possible…

So, what did he do? What did he think about? What was his « secret »?

« I just wanted to allow myself to play well, and execute and I was able to do that »

« mentally, I work with Morris Pickens (sport psychologist). He helped me just to develop a process to think that the putts I hit in practice are the same as the putt on the 18th »

« obviously, that is not true but if you can think that way, it makes it a lot weaker to putt when you are under pressure »

« it has not been really a mechanical, it has been more that mental approach »

« now, I am proud I was able to mentally and physically execute down the stretch under pressure. I will store that in my memory bank »


Knowing and be aware of your flaws, getting help (from outside) and working on the solutions …Find no excuse and then…just playing and executing… Especially down the stretch and under pressure… And find the pleasure to do so…

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