Lakers NBA 2010 Champion- motivation intact


Lakers won the title of the NBA Champions for the 16th time in their history!
They won the seventh game against the Boston Celtics 83-79
Phil Jackson: 11 title as a coach in the league… and a great job to keep the motivation up all year after last year title.
Remember early in the season… the article of the Lakers, before the season begun
Phil Jackson – who holds a record of 10 NBA winning championship as a coach – actual Los Angeles Lakers coach – and former Jordan’s Bulls champion – author the “peaceful warrior” – great book that I recommend to read – warned his players , at the opening of the season, how to keep their motivation intact for this new season:
The distractions are great and people living in the past, you‘re only a success in the moment when you compete a successful act – that’s one of the things we keep telling these players. Last year’s success, that was over in June
Overall though, Jackson feels past success is a key component in building future glory.
The idea that you have to protect something or defend something is always a good deal for a team. Those are things that these guys are aware of

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