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Eleven years with the same coach, it’s so unusual…
– Jim has always had blind faith in "Fred" who trained him little by little the way he wanted to. They’ve been through tough and great times together, which has united them even more. He has never even considered working with somebody else.

The advantage of this big team?
– Jim used to play football and likes the team spirit. It’s important in tennis to have a solid basis because tennis players can lose their confidence very quickly. The 3 physios, for example, are very different (56 y. old, 42 and 30) and he has a different relationship with each of them, which is great. The mental coach Hervet has been a player himself, which is very helpful too. And they’ve all committed to a long-term project.
One of his main rules also was to stay on his native soil and to work with people coming from that region.


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A unique culture A worldwide Sports top level experience combined with a corporate experience. With the profound conviction in « accompanying an athlete, is helping him to manage himself alone »
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