Mister Lee… Learning from Leander .. . A so big Love for Tennis

Working with Leander Paes was interesting for the young coach I was…

He helped me to raise my level of coaching… he helped me to understand the idea to adapt to the player that I was coaching. Convictions you have, but would it fit to the player? He helped me to think how to pass the message, he helped me to improve on my listening… and helped me to learn patience, waiting sometimes for him… because time was a something special with Leander when I was young …

Now, time has no effect on him.. still playing after all these years…Fundamentals are there.. mentally, physically, emotionally…

Being one of the best junior, winning Junior US Open and the Junior Wimbledon reaching number 1 in the world junior rankings… Leander is still playing for over 26 years on the professional tour, competed at 7 Olympics, .
What a career…  what a Love for this sport…
What a team member for India, Since his Davis Cup debut in 1990 as a teenager, Paes has played 56 ties, with a win-loss record in singles and doubles at 91-35.

He just become the tennis player with most doubles victories in Davis Cup—43—, He partnered with Rohan Bopanna to beat Gong Mao Xin and Zhang Ze of China .
He overtook Italian Nicola Pietrangeli’s 42-win figure.
And India beat China 3-2 in Tianjin and will next play Serbia in September in the Davis Cup World Group play-offs….Perhaps one more to go..

Indeed, we might consider a doubles specialist, No. 1 in the ATP Doubles Rankings on 21 June 1999, Leander is a 18-time Grand Slam winner (8 in doubles, 10 in Mixte) … and  partnered with  120 different players in his career… But if we keep focus on doubles, it would reduce his good performances in single…. his single results are  with a Bronze Olympic medal, in Atlanta 1996, and some good wins in Davis Cup over French duo of Arnaud Boetsch and Henri Leconte in Fréjus, France in 1993, Wayne Ferreira in 1994, and Goran Ivanišević in 1995 , Jan Siemerink in 1995 and Jiří Novák in 1997
and he can mentioned that he is 1 to 0 in his head 2 head in single with Pete Sampras, beating the ATP number 1 , 63 64,  in New Haven in 1998…and Leander by the way is undefeated against Sampras, beating him 3 more times in doubles…

Leander speaks about Sampras matches

Happy to work-out
“I just wake up every morning do my yoga, stretching, running.
I do my abs, my back, practice, come back from practice, eat breakfast, then sleep.
I get back to chores and other work.
In the afternoon, I go back (to the courts), do forehands, backhands, second serve, returns, down the line…
Come back and do rehab. Then gym, track work, physio, icing, stretching…
“That routine people struggle with but I find happiness in its simplicity,

Quality to stay fit
« I’m training very differently now than when I was in my 20s, When I was in my 20s, I was spending eight or nine-hour days in repetition, creating muscle memory. But now, I feel like I’ve got the muscle memory.
The quality of the practice, rather than the quantity is more important.
Getting out there and being more match specific in training is important.
I also feel that now my training is all about injury prevention, staying healthy and fresh over a long year
. »

« Lee is just a one-of-a-kind type of guy, » Mark Knowles said « He has a unique ability to empower his partners and make them reach heights that maybe they didn’t believe they could attain. »

With Mark and Leander, I could say I had two of the best volley on Tour on court…(with Byron Black…it was a deadly series volley-volley game among theses  » guys…)
Mark and Leander two great volleys but so different,  one was the perfect classic volley technique, you can teach from a book (Mark) and the second was the most special personal volley with lightning reflexes and an incredible hand-eye coordination.. but so unique, that you cannot really teach this technique… it is just Leander unbelievable skills …

Mark and Leander,  younger then…

Mark Knowles and Leander Paes, with Sule Ladipo during a training in Florida

Smiles and friendship…






But hard work … under the eye of … guess who? Did you recognize him?







under, photo on the beach of Saint Malo, France









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