Leander Paes shared his wishes for 2016

Leander Paes is a fantastic competitor and a great person to know.

Born in 1973, he is looking for one more year on the tour. At least one!

Leander shared with me during Bercy open his wishes for this new year 2016.

This was done at the end of last year, so you can hear that he is looking for some rest, « a peace of mind », and some good time at home with his daughter, even he spoke to me about his time after tennis, but he is also looking forward for Roland Garros and a title in mixed doubles, and a medal for his 7th Olympic appearances (First time in 1992).

He really loves tennis…  « Peace of mind, Happiness, Setting up his bases »

Leander Paes facts

17 Grand Slam titles: He has won 8 doubles and 9 mixed doubles Grand Slam titles.

He won all 4 Grand Slam titles in doubles, and 3 Grand Slam titles in mixed doubles (French open is only missing).

13 Masters 1000, 6 Tour 500 series, and 28 Tour 250 series.

He played with 107 partners in his career in men ‘s doubles and 24 in mixed doubles

1 title in singles Newport 1998.

He won a bronze medal for India in singles in the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games. (4th in doubles in 2004)

He is famous for his several memorable Davis Cup performances and reached the Davis cup semi finales in 1993.


More :

Treated for a neurocysticercosis, a parasitic brain infection in 2013, he returns to high level tennis.

Actor in his film debut in Ashok Kohli’s Rajdhani Express, a socio-political thriller.



A propos jacques hervet

A unique culture A worldwide Sports top level experience combined with a corporate experience. With the profound conviction in « accompanying an athlete, is helping him to manage himself alone »
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