Give them a break…

 Give them a break…

tennis is  all around year sport…tennis is not a seasonal sport…
Time for for resting and getting fit are important. Aren’t they ? so when ? one month per year…
What do the Association of Professional Tennis (ATP) do about it?
More mandatory tournaments, and an 11 months of the year program..
Too much? 
Perhaps, many of the players are complaining and the end of the season is not too great for tennis, with Rafa Nadal withdrew from the Masters and the Davis cup, injuries that have hounded Shanguai with Federer carrying a back problem Del Potro a slip toe nail… Roddick and his ankle injury…
When I read that the "board decided taking into account everyone’s perspective that this would be the best way forward". ATP official Brad Drewett said. I am still a bit skeptical…
Let’s say that the board decided what it is best for their members…
Who are they?
There are seven members of the ATP board: Three player representatives, three tournament reps and the executive chairman.
The ATP Board includes Etienne de Villiers (current Executive Chairman and President of ATP) along with tournament representatives, Željko Franulović, Charlie Pasarell and Graham Pearce. It also includes three player representatives with two-year terms, Ivan Ljubičić as the European representative (until the end of 2009 term), as Iggy Jovanovic the International representative and Justin Gimelstob as the Americas representative.
The player representatives are elected by the ATP Player Council.
The 10-member ATP Player Council delivers advisory decisions to the Board of Directors, which has the power to accept or reject the Council’s suggestions. The Council consists of four players who are ranked within top 50 in singles (Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic and a vacancy), two players who are ranked between 51 and 100 in singles (Peter Luczak and Michael Berrer), two top 100 players in doubles (Yves Allegro and Eric Butorac) and two at-large members (David Martin and Martín García).
Let’s see what does a tournament member said?
Indian Wells Tournament Director and ATP Board member Charlie Pasarell said, “The calendar changes announced are immensely important for the new ATP World Tour. This is change that is already unlocking the potential of men’s professional tennis with growing revenues, rising attendances and a number of new partners signing up to be involved in men’s tennis. Men’s tennis has never before experienced these kinds of levels of investment or the huge boosts in prize money that our sport will enjoy from 2009; these are exciting times for the ATP Tour.”
Prize money, growing revenues, new partner, rising attendance… I see
Let’s see what the players are thinking?
Nadal said “our complaint is that we have representatives on the board who do not represent the players. They’re representing the head of the ATP."
"it is too much.. it doesn’t make a lot of sense…at a certain point you hope they start respecting our opinions a bit more"
Oh I see…
Organizations often don’t see the importance of the human element…
Well, 2009 might have some more debate off court in perspective…
Good recovery for all you guys. Enjoy your vacation, or rehab…
Enjoy the new season 2009!


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